Day: March 25, 2022

Compound sentence

This week I learnt how to write a compound sentence.

First we revised our states which were simple, continuous, and perfect. Then we revised our tenses which were present, past, and future.

Then I learnt what an compound sentences was. A compound sentences is an subject, verb, object, and a   fanboys. The fanboys are for, but,nor, yet, or, and, so. Compound sentence is two simple sentences.

Lastly I revised that continuous sentences needs an ing because you are doing it as an unstopping period. Next I had to write 6 compound sentence by using Continuous present, Continuous past, and Continuous future.

I enjoyed doing this task because I learnt that two simple sentences makes one compund sentence. I did well on the fanboys because fanboys is somthing simple that I can use. I need to improve on continuous past because continuous past is really hard to do.