Day: April 1, 2022

Identifying Fraction

This week we learnt about Identifying fractions. Fraction is an object that is split into two equal pieces.

First we got some paper and made them into fractions. The fraction we were doing were one half, one thirds, One fifth, two thirds, and two fifths.

Thirds is a fraction that has three pieces in total, but only has two.

Fifths is a fraction thast has five pieces in total, but only has four.

Next we took photos of our fractions that we made and typed what fraction it was.

I enjoyed this task because my favourite part was folding it and cutting the paper. I need to improve on getting fast at finishing my fractions. I think I did well on folding the paper into the fractions.

The 4 c’s

This week we played a game and we tried to use the 4 c’s.

The four c’s of Leadership are co-operation, collaboration, communication, and confidence.

First we discussed which one of the green words that we wrote on our body outline were the 4 c’s.

Next we made a plan using the 4 c’s that will help us do good in the game.

Then we used the plan in the game to see how much it worked out .

Lastly we played the game using our strategy and it kinda worked.

We enjoyed this task because we all loved this game and want to play again.We need to improve on using the communication in games.

By Lisea, Sahil, Daeyna, Mayshar, Hudson

Complex Sentences

This week I learnt about complex sentences. Complex sentences are kind of the same as compound sentences. 

We revised the states which were: perfect , continuous, and simple. The time tenses were, present, future and past.

Complex sentences has an independent clause and dependent clause. The dependant clause has an aawwubiis.

First we planned what kind of complex sentences we should write.

Next we wrote our sentences and it is meant to have two subjects and two actions, and a complex sentence also has an aaawwubbis, and a conjunction.

Lastly we took photos of the complex sentences and described what the photo means.

I enjoyed doing this task because taking the photos and writing the complex sentences was kinda easy. I think I need to improve on thinking of more aaawwubbis and subjects. I did well on writing the complex sentences.