This week we have been learning about Summarising. Summarising is changing the long sentence into a short sentence.

First we needed to go on the mat with our group and talk about summarising For Example: Miss K showed us the slide on the tv.

Next Miss K read us a book called Goldilocks and we needed to find 20 important words to put in the slide or the paper Miss K gave us. After finding 20 important words we needed to pick 6 most important words. Then we needed to think what the 6 most important words are and make it in to a sentences that flow.

Lastly we needed to make a google draw or slide and explain what summarising is.

I enjoyed this task very much because it is teaching me how to make a long sentence into a short sentence. I did well at decorating the slide. I need to improve on finding and writing the information before decorating the google slide.

3 thoughts on “Summarising

  1. Hello Lisea
    I really like how you designed your google slide
    I didn’t know that summaries only used a little announcement of words.
    Why do you think you did well on decorating your google slide?
    I think you need to work on describing more on what summarising is.

    1. Hi Jaylee

      Thank you for your opinion on what you think about my blog post.
      I agree with you that I should work on describing more about summarising. I think I did well on decorating my google slide because I like decorating things.

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