Summer learning Journey

This week my class and I have been doing a summer learning journey.

First I needed to pick an activity to do and I picked the one where you recreate the celebrity photos.  I picked the one with a yellow hat on your head

Then I needed to grab some yellow paper from the cabin and make it into a hat. Next I needed to ask someone for help to make the hat.

Lastly I needed to put it on my head and take a photo of the paper hat on my head.

I enjoyed this task because it was really fun doing a summer learning journey. I did well on making the paper hat. I need to improve on putting it on my head.

One thought on “Summer learning Journey

  1. Kia ora Lisea,

    This is Manar from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    Awesome Recreation! Love your idea of using your knowledge of origami making to create your very own hat, just like the photo you are recreating. (Remember to include a screenshot of this too.)

    Keep up the amazing work
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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