Howick Historical Village trip

LI: To  make a collage about the Howick Historical Village.

We went to Howick Historical Village and explored how life was back in 1870s, and as well as learaning about how the world was evolved since 1870. My group started with building trollys and riding them. Our tutor had explained how us lady’s wouldn’t be able to participate in things like this as it was for men only, how ever the lady’s got to do sewing and knitting. We than began to start exploring the houses, and as we went inside they looked very inseresting as there was some explentation about most parts of the house, or who owned the place and what happened to them.

Before we started to explore the howick historical villege Mrs Hallam which was one of the tutors had told us a very interesting and shocking fact which is how girls would need to practice looking good for boys at the age of 5 and they should have a husband at the age of 12. Although you may think you don’t need a husband but back in the days having no husband would be difficult because if you have a husband he can provide things like, houses, food and things that you would need in life since women weren’t allowed to work.

I enjoyed going on this trip as I got to learn really interesting facts about how life was like back in the days and how it has evolved since.

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  1. Kia Ora Lisea,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog about our trip to the Howick Historical Village. The actvities were real fun, what was your favourite activity?

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