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Howick Historical Village trip

LI: To  make a collage about the Howick Historical Village.

We went to Howick Historical Village and explored how life was back in 1870s, and as well as learaning about how the world was evolved since 1870. My group started with building trollys and riding them. Our tutor had explained how us lady’s wouldn’t be able to participate in things like this as it was for men only, how ever the lady’s got to do sewing and knitting. We than began to start exploring the houses, and as we went inside they looked very inseresting as there was some explentation about most parts of the house, or who owned the place and what happened to them.

Before we started to explore the howick historical villege Mrs Hallam which was one of the tutors had told us a very interesting and shocking fact which is how girls would need to practice looking good for boys at the age of 5 and they should have a husband at the age of 12. Although you may think you don’t need a husband but back in the days having no husband would be difficult because if you have a husband he can provide things like, houses, food and things that you would need in life since women weren’t allowed to work.

I enjoyed going on this trip as I got to learn really interesting facts about how life was like back in the days and how it has evolved since.

Sentence Structure

LI: To explore sentence structure.

From this challenge I have realised that I have a clear understanding of simple and compound sentences, and I now realise that I need to focus on Complex sentences. Although I tried my best I still got a high score.

I enjoyed this task because as I’m going through the game I am slowly noticiting what I need to focus on and what I have a better understanding on.

Self Portrait

Our task was to create a drawing of ourselves. Our first task was to start by tracing over the easy details then the hard ones. For example, you can either start with the pupils of your eyes or your lips then you move onto the harder details. With my designs I found it slightly basic so I decided to custom my self portrait and add some details that would outshine my drawing more notably. 

I enjoyed this task because it teaches me what I’ve improved compared to my drawing from last year.


Current Events (National)

LI: to identify author’s purpose


Our task was to chose 5 exploring current event words and find articles that relates to the 5 words we have picked, for example: the words me and my partner chose was emotions, impact, Conflict, unexpectedness, and famous person, Then we read the article and wrote a 10 word summary and what word that summary relates to.  We did this task on a Google map so people knew which area in Auckland the situation had happened in. 

I found this task a bit challenging and upsetting when reading most articles. 

Volleyball Interschool

Our school competed in a volleyball tournament which was located somewhere around papakura. Once we’ve arrived to our destination a school had started off our day with a karakea (prayer). After the karakea we starting warming up for our first games, and the school we had versed were, Point England, Ruapotaka, Stone field, and Glen Taylor. We had won 4 games and lost 2 but overall we enjoyed our game.

I enjoyed this experaince because there was good sportsmanship.

Momment In Time – Maungarei/Mountain

LI: To write a poem that describes as momment in time.

Our task was to create a poem by using the 5 senses which are Olfactory which means smell, Gustatory which is taste, Visual which is look, Tactile which is feel, and Auditory which is sound. Then we thought of what had happened in the past compared to today, For example: there weren’t many houses built in Auckland so Maori people lived in pa sites. We then wrote some things about what we heard while walking up the Maunga, and I had written things like the rocks rustling, the wind pasting through my ear , and the traffic. Then me and my group had thought of what the past could have heard such as the rustles of the piupiu skirts , the whistle of Tāwhiri-mātea welcoming us into his maunga, the voices of those who fought in the war. 

I really enjoyed this task because when we got back from the mountain I was really inspired about how Liana grandpa talked to my class about the history of Mt Wellington mountain.

Moment In Time – Polar Bear

LI: To write a poem that describes as momment in time.

Our task was to create a poem by using the 5 senses which are Olfactory which means smell, Gustatory which is taste, Visual which is look, Tactile which is feel, and Auditory which is sound. Then we watched a video of a polar bear approaching a man and how we needed to imagine that we were the man. After re-watching the video we thought of some words and then changed them into powerful words to make the poem more exciting. After all, we read our favourite part to the class and my group choice:  I felt… my heart pulsing as the oversized creature rattled my cage with each shake, fear entered every part of my body. Because it explains how I would feel in that situation if a polar which is about 7ft approached me.

I found this activity really fun because we got to experience new words to level up my writing.

Treaty Of Waitangi

LI: understand the Treaty Of Waitangi.

Our task was to research the treaty of Waitangi and the history before the treaty of Waitangi happened. First we learnt about the history of slavery and how it still existed when Te Tiriti o Waitangi, therefore Great Britain travelled to Aotearoa on ships with missionaries to spread Christianity across New Zealand. Then the British crown created laws for New Zealand that everybody had to follow. The British ruled over a large and powerful empire and wanted New Zealand to be a part of it too.

I found this task interesting and upsetting to because seeing picture of young people being in the slavery is upsetting but also finding information about how it was back in the days was interesting.


Taniwha names

LI : understand how culture connects with your name

Our task was to create a taniwha into our name. First I looked for some Taniwha designs that would fit with my name, and I came across one with a head and decided to make that as my Taniwha design. Then I got some ideas from people to make the tongue of the Taniwha as and S and keep continuing on with my name. I chose the colour purple because I wanted it to pop out more instead of it being green.

I found this task awesome because I designed it as a draft to see how it would turn out in the end.


Statistical Investigation

LI : To read the text, gather, sort, graph and analyse the data.

Our task was to create a statistical investigation by following the cycle. First me and my partner thought of a question which was “What college would you want to attend?”, then we went around the class asking them about our question. Then we gathered up all our data that we needed to analyse, we found out the answer and which college was picked most. We found out that most people in LS2 would attend Tamaki.

I enjoyed this task because it was fun going around and asking people about which college they would attend.


me and my partner formed a question, our question was “what sports do you play,” then we went around asking the class what sport they play. After we gathered all of the data we analyzed (looked closely). Finally we formed a conclusion, we found out that most people in LS2 don’t play sports.