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Portion Sizes

LI: to learn about portion sizes and healthy eating.

We learnt about healthy eating and portion size. As you can see from my DLO the catergories are Protein, Grains, Dairy, and Vegtables. Protein gives us energy, to keep our body strong. While grains provides fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, grains also provides lower risk of diabetes. Dairy provides protein, calcuim, B vitamins, and vitamin D, and lastly Vegtables provides important sources of many nutreins such as dietary fiber, folate, Vitamin A and C.

I enjoyed learning about portion sizes because it shows me how to balance how much food I should be eating.


How to do Addition Algorithm

Our task was to create a DLO explaining how to do either Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition, Long Divisons and many more. When doing addition its important to remember to carry the ten’s to the next number so people can understand your strategy. Addition is adding 2 numbers together.

I enjoyed this task because it shows others something new they can learn .

How to do Multiplication Algorithm

Our task was to create a DLO explaining how to do either Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition, Long Divisons and many more. When doing multiplication its important to remember the 0 (zero) which is the place holder so people knows that your moving onto the next coloum, but if there’s more numbers to multiply then add 2 place holders 0’s (zero’s) . Multiplication is adding a number by itself multiple times.

I enjoyed this task because it shows others something new they can learn .

Howick Historical Village trip

LI: To  make a collage about the Howick Historical Village.

We went to Howick Historical Village and explored how life was back in 1870s, and as well as learaning about how the world was evolved since 1870. My group started with building trollys and riding them. Our tutor had explained how us lady’s wouldn’t be able to participate in things like this as it was for men only, how ever the lady’s got to do sewing and knitting. We than began to start exploring the houses, and as we went inside they looked very inseresting as there was some explentation about most parts of the house, or who owned the place and what happened to them.

Before we started to explore the howick historical villege Mrs Hallam which was one of the tutors had told us a very interesting and shocking fact which is how girls would need to practice looking good for boys at the age of 5 and they should have a husband at the age of 12. Although you may think you don’t need a husband but back in the days having no husband would be difficult because if you have a husband he can provide things like, houses, food and things that you would need in life since women weren’t allowed to work.

I enjoyed going on this trip as I got to learn really interesting facts about how life was like back in the days and how it has evolved since.

Sentence Structure

LI: To explore sentence structure.

Our task was to create a DLO with our partner explaining what the 3 sentence structures are, which are Simple, Compound, and Complex. A simple sentence contains ideas like capital letters, full stops, verbs, and nouns. For example, The lady was riding on her colourful bike, yet she fell into the brown mud. The verb in this sentence is “riding” and the noun is “lady”. A compound sentence is 2 simple sentences with a conjunction which is FANBOYS which stands for ( for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so) .

I enjoyed this task because I collaborate with the room 6 students.

Matariki Star

L.I: To plan, design, and create a class star for Matariki that tells a story.

To start off my star I did some research about some Maori myth stories for my design. I first started off by planning my ideas on a paper to see how my designs would turn out and to see if I like how it’s laid out. My story is a mix of Maui and the sun and Rona and the moon, and my story goes that Maui thought that the moon was running by fast so he and his brothers decided to capture the moon and curse it out while using their strengths to pull down the moon at the same time. So instead of the sun moving along the sky I changed it into a moon so that my story could have 2 different meanings behind it. 

I really enjoyed designing this star because I learnt about some meanings behind patterns. 

Self Portrait

Our task was to create a drawing of ourselves. Our first task was to start by tracing over the easy details then the hard ones. For example, you can either start with the pupils of your eyes or your lips then you move onto the harder details. With my designs I found it slightly basic so I decided to custom my self portrait and add some details that would outshine my drawing more notably. 

I enjoyed this task because it teaches me what I’ve improved compared to my drawing from last year.


Current Events (National)

LI: to identify author’s purpose


Our task was to chose 5 exploring current event words and find articles that relates to the 5 words we have picked, for example: the words me and my partner chose was emotions, impact, Conflict, unexpectedness, and famous person, Then we read the article and wrote a 10 word summary and what word that summary relates to.  We did this task on a Google map so people knew which area in Auckland the situation had happened in. 

I found this task a bit challenging and upsetting when reading most articles. 

A Leader I Respect

My task was to create a DLO on a respected leader, and I chose Mother Teresa. Because she is a very kind woman who helps out people if they are sick, disabled, old, or even dying. I then researched information about her so I can know more about her. Some interesting information I found out about her was that she became a nun at the age 18 and not just to spread the love of Christ but to help others. 

I enjoyed researching Mother Teresa because she is one of the leaders I respect.

Abstruct Noun

Our task was to challenged to write a poem about an abstract noun using the 5 sences known as: Ofactory (smell), Gustatory (taste), Visual (see) tactile (touch) and auditory (hear). One the noun my partner picked was friendship, meaning being friendly to others. In each paragraph we described what we thought the abstract noun would look, smell, feel, hear ,and taste like. We lastly used wordhippo to change our words more powerful and make our poem more powerful.

I found this task fun because I get to enjoy writing poems about different things to learn more.