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Bengal Swamp Tiger

We used our smart searching skills to find facts about the Bengal Swamp Tiger. Once we had found the information we needed we then made notes in our own words. We used these notes to help us write our information reports. Information reports tells the reader with information about a certin topic by providing them with facts. 

LI: to write an information report that informs the reader about the Swamp Tigers.

Not many people know that swamp tigers are nocturnal hunters. Swamp tigers, (also known as panthera tigris tigris) are glamorous  animals, regardless of their beauty they are vicious beasts that are slowly coming to extinction. These tigers can be found in the mangrove forests of Sundarbans, which is in-between India and bangladesh. 

Swamp tigers have an orange coat and black stripes all around their body to help them camouflage with their surroundings. These creatures have a beastly jaw and muscular bodies. They use their enormous and retractable claws to easily take out their prey. Also did you know that they weigh about 453.592kgs?

Bengal tigers are carnivorous animals (only eats meat) they can eat, and kill everything starting from tiny crabs, to human beings. These animals eat wild boars, deers, buffalos, monkeys, unlike other tigers they include marine life into their diet.

Are you aware only about 100 of the bengal swamp tigers remain today? Swamp tigers come from a continent in Asia, you will find that they live between the borderlines of India and bangladesh. They like humid places and live in mangroves forests. 

Not many people know that they are unsocial animals, even so these tigers aren’t shy about protecting their territory. As it says in the opening statement, they live in mangrove forests, because of this they can camouflage easily to hunt for their prey.

Not a lot of people are aware that these beautiful predator populations will decrease if we continue to expand cities. 

Kawa Of Care – Quest

For the Kawa of Care quest I completed a quiz and answer the questions to figure out which answers we got right. As you can tell by my screenshot I have got all the questions correct as I found it easy to answer, however I got stuck on one question which was ” how many chrombooks can you hold at once?” and I thought the answer would of been 2 but instead it was 1.

I found this activity really fun because the questions were simple and easy.

Comment Thread

Today we were learning about commenting. Commenting is where you share your information with that person and tell them your thoughts and what you think about it.

First we needed to get 2 partners and pick 1 blog from your partner and 1 blog from your other partner.

Then we needed to pick which partner blog you wanna start with. But first you need to say a greeting to them. Then you need to write what you learnt about on your blog. Then make a connection with it.

After you finish commenting you need to add more information, questions, and something you think is positive.

I enjoyed learning how to comment. I need to improve on typing faster. I did well on commenting on the blogs.




This week we have been learning about taking care of yourself and your netbook.

First we needed to talk about the school responsible and responsible use. Then we created a DLO explaining the responsibility. 

Next  we needed to talk about how to keep our netbook away from things like food and soda because soda can damage your netbook.  Make sure to always wash your hands before touching your netbook because if you don’t wash your hands after you eat the touch pad could get greasy and it might not be able to work.

Lastly we got into pairs and created a DLO as a pair to be faster to get done.

I enjoyed learning more about cybersmart because it explains what you need to do to take care of your netbook. I did well at putting the information in the DLO. I need to improve on focusing more before decorating the DLO.


How To Write A Proper Blog Post

Today we made a DLO showing how to write a proper blog post.

First you will need a Title for your blog post to tell people what you’re talking about.

Then you’re gonna need a Label to show what subject it’s about.

Next you need to write your Blog Post so people can read what it’s about.

Lastly you will need to make a DLO to explain the work you did.

3 Dangerous Situations Online

There are a lot of different types of dangerous situations. Some of the situations were: Cyber bullying, Scams, and Posting private information.

Cyber Predators is where an adult pretends to be a child online to make you do inappropriate things. For example: Hi there. My name is John. How old are you? I’m 10 years old. Do you like Fortnite?. But don’t stay on too long or tell your parents or report it.

Scams are where people message you by trying to trick you to get money. For example: “I am a prince who has been exiled from his kingdom. I ask that you help me by donating just $100. I will pay you back when I can pay for my freedom and get back to my kingdom. If you get a message like that then report the message or block the scammer.

Posting private information is where someone asks you where you live, phone number, credit card number, stuff like that. For example: Hi my name is Jack from school. Would you like to come with me and the boys to the movies? Mum says she will pick you up. Just post your address here and we’ll pick you up. Get your mum or someone to contact that person’s mum because you neer know what will happen.

These are other dangerous situations around the world as well.

Polite Emails

Today we learned about online etiquette.  

First we needed to think of what greeting to write on the polite email.

Last we needed to think of what to write for the subject, greetings, body, farewell, and signature.

I enjoyed doing this task because it was simple and easy. I did well on writing the diagram text because it was really easy and simple to write. I need to improve on guessing what the subject is.

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