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Main Idea

LI: To identify the main ideas in the text

This week we have been learning how to find and collaboratively decide on the main idea in a text by negotiating. We read the text Lester and Clyde. This was a text about the consequences of pollution. Our group think the main idea was: Raise awareness that one piece of rubbish could destroy the habitats of living animals and that your Actions causes consequences.

We found this activity very fun because we got to write important things on sticky notes and ask everyone in our group to see if they agree or disagree with what that person said.


This week I learnt what evaluation is and if stealing was ok.

First I needed to read four links that told me information about stealing. For example: A man was addicted to chocolate and he stole 2 chocolate boxes and went to jail for stealing food.

Next I needed to write all the information I found and make an argumentation board.

Lastly I made a copy of a google slide and it said yes or no for if stealing was ok. for mine was no because you can go to jail for what you steal. For example: A teen kid goes to a shop that has alcohol and gets taken to jail for 5 or 10 years and my answer for yes was it’s acceptable to take food from your family but not from strangers or from other people.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn if stealing was ok. I did well on finding the information. I need to improve on adding more information.


This week I summarised a book called hokey tokey.

First we needed to read the book on the slide with my group. 

Next we needed to summarise the book by finding 20 important words from the book and 6 most important words. Then you will need to make the sentence into a flow.

Lastly we needed to make 5 if you’re in group 4 and 5 you need to make 5 sentences into a flow.

I enjoyed this task because this book was fun to read. I need to improve on finding. I did well on writing it into a sentence flow.


This week we have been learning about Summarising. Summarising is changing the long sentence into a short sentence.

First we needed to go on the mat with our group and talk about summarising For Example: Miss K showed us the slide on the tv.

Next Miss K read us a book called Goldilocks and we needed to find 20 important words to put in the slide or the paper Miss K gave us. After finding 20 important words we needed to pick 6 most important words. Then we needed to think what the 6 most important words are and make it in to a sentences that flow.

Lastly we needed to make a google draw or slide and explain what summarising is.

I enjoyed this task very much because it is teaching me how to make a long sentence into a short sentence. I did well at decorating the slide. I need to improve on finding and writing the information before decorating the google slide.


This week I did synthesis about cars. People that was in group 1 or 2 needed to write 3 facts about cars and the other people that’s in group 3 or 4 needed to write 5 or more facts about cars.

First we needed to make a copy of the synthesising slide and write what information we know and information from websites.

Then we needed to combine the information together to make a sentence.

Lastly we need to make a google draw and write the facts about cars on a google slide.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn some information about cars. I did well on the information. I need to improve on writing the information and decorating it.

Synthesising Template

This week me and my reading group practise synthesising templates. 

FIrst we needed to practise synthesising templates with Miss White. Miss White asked if we knew what synthesising is. Synthesising templates is to use an idea you know and use new information to create another idea.

Next we watched a video about 15 facts of hedgehogs and wrote them down for the information that we already knew. Then we used the new information from the video and the information we already knew together into a sentence.

Then we made a DLO about hedgehogs.

I really enjoyed this because we got to make a DLO explaining facts about hedgehogs. I did well on the information. I need to improve on finding more information.

Digital Anywords

Today I played a game called digital anywords.

First I learnt what anywords were. Anyword is where you found someone to be your partner to play with you. 

Next I started to add the words to make Daeyna lost. I won 9 to 5.

I enjoyed playing with Daeyna because it was very interesting. I needed to write a word in the middle to make Daeyna loose. I enjoyed playing this game because I enjoyed making Daeyna loose. I did well on guessing the words. I need to improve on thinking about fancy words more. 


This week I did an activity about inferring.

First I read a book called The Kakangora. I needed to write on a DLO what I can see and So I can infer.

Next I needed to make a copy on a DLO which is What I can see and So I can infer. For Example: I saw the tribe stealing our ngail nuts during night time. So I can infer that he was doing something with our ngail nuts.

Lastly we did this task called key into inference 2. I needed to write the answers done for the questions. For Example: The bell rang and the kids went back inside. At school.



This week me and my reading group did a reading activity. The activity was evaluation.

First for evaluation we read this thing about testing animals. Evaluation is where you read something and there is a paper or a DLO where it says Yes, No, and My Opinion.

Then me and my group went on the mat to talk if we should test on animals or not test on animals. Most of my group said no because it’s bad for their skin and health, the product might burn their skin, or the product might give the animal diseases.

Lastly we made a copy of the evaluation doc meant and wrote 4 questions why we should text and why we should not and our opinion.

I enjoyed this activity because I like doing reading activity. I did well on telling people my opinions and why. I need to improve more on why we should test on animals.

Parts Of Speech

Parts of speech are words that are 9 or 8 different kinds of words. 

Nouns are things that can be talked about, For example the girl.

Adjective is a word that describes nouns. For example the little girl.

Verbs are  action words. For example the little girl is jumping.

Adverb is a word that describes an action word. For example, the little girl’s are jumping quickly.

Parts of a speech is a way to that word that needs to be used in a sentence.