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Ko wai ia?

LI: To learn about the Royal family and their family generations.

For this week’s Te Reo Maori lesson, we learnt about the Royal family tree and who the members of the family are. We also looked at the family tree and labeled each member by translating it from Māori to English. One of the family member’s name is King Charles and in Maori it is Kingi Tiāre.

I found this activity interesting because I got to learn who the Royal familys names are in Maori and how there family tree works.


Te Reo

This week for Te Reo Maori we learned left, right, up and down in maori. We explained where the shapes by saying it in Maori.

First Whara Odie challenged us by speaking Maori. She teaches us colours, and shapes in Maori.

Next we needed to do a task called kei hea which is were is it.

Lastly we went through the answers with Whaea Odie to see if we got in right.

I enjoyed doing this maori task because it was easy. I did well on the answers. I need to improve on speaking more Maori.

Te Reo Maori

This week I learnt Te Reo Maori.

First me and my group sat on the mat and spoke Maori for 8 minutes straight. If you speak English you lose a point or a strike.

Next we needed to say new Maori words on a card. We had to tell the time, grandpa, grandma, mum, and dad names. But we said the time in Maori.

I enjoyed this because we got to learn some new Maori words. I did well at telling the time. I need to improve on saying the new words in Maori.


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