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Sentence Structure

LI: To explore sentence structure.

From this challenge I have realised that I have a clear understanding of simple and compound sentences, and I now realise that I need to focus on Complex sentences. Although I tried my best I still got a high score.

I enjoyed this task because as I’m going through the game I am slowly noticiting what I need to focus on and what I have a better understanding on.

Sentence Structure

LI: To explore sentence structure.

Our task was to create a DLO with our partner explaining what the 3 sentence structures are, which are Simple, Compound, and Complex. A simple sentence contains ideas like capital letters, full stops, verbs, and nouns. For example, The lady was riding on her colourful bike, yet she fell into the brown mud. The verb in this sentence is “riding” and the noun is “lady”. A compound sentence is 2 simple sentences with a conjunction which is FANBOYS which stands for ( for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so) .

I enjoyed this task because I collaborate with the room 6 students.

Current Events (National)

LI: to identify author’s purpose


Our task was to chose 5 exploring current event words and find articles that relates to the 5 words we have picked, for example: the words me and my partner chose was emotions, impact, Conflict, unexpectedness, and famous person, Then we read the article and wrote a 10 word summary and what word that summary relates to.  We did this task on a Google map so people knew which area in Auckland the situation had happened in. 

I found this task a bit challenging and upsetting when reading most articles. 

Abstruct Noun

Our task was to challenged to write a poem about an abstract noun using the 5 sences known as: Ofactory (smell), Gustatory (taste), Visual (see) tactile (touch) and auditory (hear). One the noun my partner picked was friendship, meaning being friendly to others. In each paragraph we described what we thought the abstract noun would look, smell, feel, hear ,and taste like. We lastly used wordhippo to change our words more powerful and make our poem more powerful.

I found this task fun because I get to enjoy writing poems about different things to learn more.

Momment In Time – Maungarei/Mountain

LI: To write a poem that describes as momment in time.

Our task was to create a poem by using the 5 senses which are Olfactory which means smell, Gustatory which is taste, Visual which is look, Tactile which is feel, and Auditory which is sound. Then we thought of what had happened in the past compared to today, For example: there weren’t many houses built in Auckland so Maori people lived in pa sites. We then wrote some things about what we heard while walking up the Maunga, and I had written things like the rocks rustling, the wind pasting through my ear , and the traffic. Then me and my group had thought of what the past could have heard such as the rustles of the piupiu skirts , the whistle of Tāwhiri-mātea welcoming us into his maunga, the voices of those who fought in the war. 

I really enjoyed this task because when we got back from the mountain I was really inspired about how Liana grandpa talked to my class about the history of Mt Wellington mountain.

Moment In Time – Polar Bear

LI: To write a poem that describes as momment in time.

Our task was to create a poem by using the 5 senses which are Olfactory which means smell, Gustatory which is taste, Visual which is look, Tactile which is feel, and Auditory which is sound. Then we watched a video of a polar bear approaching a man and how we needed to imagine that we were the man. After re-watching the video we thought of some words and then changed them into powerful words to make the poem more exciting. After all, we read our favourite part to the class and my group choice:  I felt… my heart pulsing as the oversized creature rattled my cage with each shake, fear entered every part of my body. Because it explains how I would feel in that situation if a polar which is about 7ft approached me.

I found this activity really fun because we got to experience new words to level up my writing.

Nonsense Paragraph


This week we have been learning about the vowels and the “ei” sounds. Ei can make long /a/ sound and long /e/ sounds. Long vowels are saying the letter name, and the short vowel is saying the letter sound. We made a DLO of Nonsense Paragraphs, The words we used in our paragraph to make a nonsense sentence is Veil, Skein, Eight, Foreign, Reindeer, Leisure, Receipt, Receive, Beige, Reign, Abseil, Vein, Perceive, Ceiling and Receive.

I enjoyed this task because I liked how we challenged our partners to see who wrote it faster.

Sound Focus

LI: Sound Focus: ei and in long /a/

For spelling we learnt about the “ei ” as a long /a/. First we looked at the words that include the “ei” sounds. For example: beige, skein, vein. When saying these words you need to be able to make the “ei ”. Then we chose a word which was veil, and veil is a type of material that is to cover a woman or to hide their faces.

I found this activity fun because writing down and sounding out the words were really fun as well as challenging my partner.

My Special Taonga

LI: To structure and write an explanation

Our challenge was to write an explanation to tell others about something we value as a special taonga. Our challenge was to make sure what we had written made sense and each idea was explored in a paragraph. My taonga is a special gift that I have received or have been given from my grandma as her ansectors passed it onto my nena parents and kept it going. I value this as a toanga because its something special that was hand made by my nenas ancestors.

I found this activity hard aswell as fun because this was preparing me for my test coming up although I got to explain what the thing was which was a kafa.

What happened down the stairs?

LI: To understand the 5 senses can be used to strengthen a description

Our challenge was to co construct a text using the olfactory, auditory, gustatorial, visual and kinethetic senses to describe the story behind the shoes in this image. This time we were able to speak and sat facing our partners. 

Once we had completed this part of the challenge we joined together with another group to share our writing and make sure what we had written made sense and had met the language feature challenge.

I found this activity helpful and encouraging because I got to help out my partner aswell as adding in some scary parts to make the story sound instresting as like were investigating things.