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Procedural Writing

LI: To write a set of clear instructions that show how to make a hangi.

Title: How to make a Hangi

A hangi is a traditional Maori method of cooking food underground using hot stones

  •  Equipments/Materials:
  • Iron
  • Metal Basket
  • Foil
  • Volcanic stones/ Rocks
  • Hooks
  • Covers
  • Gloves
  • Cylinder water
  • Leaves
  • Lighter
  • Shovel
  • Paper
  • Twigs/wood
  • Sticks
  • Sacks (metal)
  • Metal basket ( Metal Cooking tray)
  • Cloths


  • Ingredients


  • Meat ( read meat, ox, chicken, pork )
  • Vegetable (Pumpkin, Taro leaves or Banana leaves, Kumara, Carrots, Carrot, )
  • Stuffing
  • Dig a pit big enough for the baskets that hold the kai
  • Build fire in the bottom of the pit, by using wood, kindling, and stones.
  • Let fire burn for 3-4 hours
  • Peel vegetables (get food ready) while the oven is burning.
  • Once fire is burnt out, the rocks will be hot
  • Put the meat basket down before the vegetable basket.
  • Use shovels to transport hot stones from fire into hangi.
  • seal hole with wet cloths.
  • Use shovel to cover the hole with dirt
  • After 3-4 hours of letting the hangi burn,
  • You uncover the hangi and take the food out.
  • Enjoy your kai.
  • Always stay close to the food area.
  • Make sure to be safe around the oven.
  • Stay away from buildings.

Today we unpacked how to follow and write a set of instructions. To do this effectively your instructions need to be explicit and the steps to follow ordered. Each step begins with an instructional verb and should be written in a way that is easy to understand.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to collaborate with some people on figuring out some notes.

Key Competencies

LI: To create a comparison of the before and after experiences at camp.

Before camp, we wrote down what we would achieve at camp by using the acronym TRUMP. The meaning of Trump is thinking, relating to others, using language symbols and text, managing self, and participating and contributing. These 5 words help us to remember when to use them in every activity. When we came back from camp, we wrote down how we used the key competencies for our belongings and in the activities. 

I found this activity fun because I got create goals for myself and try to complete them at camp.

A Momment In Time

LI: To recount and explore the learning and experiences from our Year 7/8 camp

Our group wrote a poem based on our senses like auditory, tactile, visual, and kinesthetic. We used our prior knowledge of the senses and unpacked different words and ideas that describes the Hunua Falls. These moment in time poems represent our experience at Kokako Lodge. One of our ideas were I felt nervous drifting away from the surface and feeling a deep sense of anxiousness. We then used word hippo to find more powerful words to strengthen our poems.

I found this activity interesting because we were helping each other, also by collabrating and sharing our ideas.

Explanation Writing

LI: To understand the structure and language features in an explanation

How did Goldilocks upset the Bear family?

To upset somebody is making them feel bad, disappointed, and worried. In the fairytale/story Goldilocks makes bad decisions and ends up upsetting the Bear family in different ways. Have you ever felt upset in any way?

Goldilocks was curious, with this in mind she entered the strange house cautiously.

While trespassing, Goldilocks smelt the exquisite smell of porridge so she tried them all, as a result for the last one being just right she gobbled it all up.

After filling her stomach Goldilocks was exhausted so she felt the need to sit down. As she tried to sit on all the chairs with the last one being comfortable it broke underneath her, as her fall being rough she hurt herself in the process so she wandered off for a place to rest in mind.

As she stumbled upon 3 beds she yawned and tried to fall asleep in the first bed, but it was too hard. As she tried the next bed she sunk right in, it was too soft. As she was now giving up all hope she tried the last one being just right for her, as the bed was as comfortable as it was, she dozed off.

The Bear family returned home soon after and when they saw their home looking horrendous and their furniture in pieces they were furious. When they walked into their bedroom Baby Bear was angry to see a little girl in his bed, once Goldilocks woke up the Bear family scared her and she ran terrified with never going back to the forest in mind.

The impact of what you do could affect others in many ways. As Goldilocks did not intend to try and upset anybody, the consequence of her actions made other people angry, and could have put herself in great danger. 

To help us understand how to write an explanation we looked at the purpose, the structure (what it looks like) and the language features. An explanataion tells us how or why something is the way it is. To help us understand this we learnt about cause and effect. Cause and effect is an action and a reaction. We used the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to help us understand this. Here is our explanation that describes how Goldilocks upset the Bear family.

This activity was fun because I explore the explanation structure and the story.

Rail Transportation

This week I learned about rail transportation.

First I needed to find 3 people to make a group of 4. The people in my group were Ane, Siniva, Jaylee, And Lisea. We needed to go to a table and wait for Miss White to give us a paper to write down what we think a stakeholder is. A stakeholder is when someone gets money for technology. Then we needed technology to get more money.

Next we needed to write on the piece of paper what we think and stakeholder is. Then we needed to turn the paper and write 10 facts about rail transportation.

Lastly we made a google slide or a google draw and put your facts in there.

I enjoyed this because I really enjoy learning about rails. I did well on the decorating. I need to improve on finding more information instead of decorating. 


This week I learnt how to write an explanation. The structure of an explanation is TIES which is Title, introduction, explanation, and summary.

First I needed to choose a topic to explain what I’m writing about. I chose how flowers work with bees . I also needed to plan and research on how flowers work with bees.

Next I made my explanation and research about it: My explanation was: How flowers work with bees because bees need honey from the pollen which is the yellow circle in the middle of the flower. After the bees ate the pollen from the flowers they move on to the next flower and get more pollen from the flower.

Lastly I wrote a summary about how flowers work with bees. My summary was: If the bees stopped pollinating the flowers, then there would be no more flowers for bees to take honey from.

I really enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write an explanation and also picking a topic for my explanation. I did well on researching how flowers work with bees. I need to improve on planning because planning is a bit too hard.

Procedural Text

A Procedural texts tell people how to do somthing in steps.

The structure of a procedural text is remebered by using TEMPS.

T stands for Title

E stands for End result

M stands for Matireal

P stands for Picture

S stands for Steps

A procedrual text tells you how to do something in order of steps.


Today we learned soccer skills. 

First we got into 4 groups and practised how to dribble the ball to the group across us. After practising we did a race with the other teams and we needed to dribble the ball close to us and not kick it too hard or it would go to the other team and my other team would win.

Next we used the inside of our feet to keep the ball close to us before the other teams got the ball.

Lastly we played a game called stop the ball. For example: we needed to get into the same group we were in for dribbling the ball and two groups got into 1 whole group and the group on the other side of the field needed to try and pass the ball to there team on the other side of the field because the team that has the ball can’t cross from the other side of the field to us or your team will be out.

I enjoyed learning how to play soccer and learning new skills. I did well at dribbling the ball to the group across from us. I need to improve on helping my team at getting better at playing stop the ball.

Imaginative Recount

I wrote an imaginative recount about a zombie apocalypse.

First I needed to think of some ideas for the imaginative story. 

Next I had to think of events to hook people or the reader into reading my story.

Lastly I made an imaginative recount and wrote some of my ideas in the boxes. After I wrote my recount draft which is a story but drafted. 

I enjoyed writing this imaginative recount because it was very fun writing this and thinking of things that will happen. I did well on the brain storm because writing about the main character was my favourite part. I need to improve on my recount draft because I need to think about more ideas for my story. 

Complex Sentences

This week I learnt about complex sentences. Complex sentences are kind of the same as compound sentences. 

We revised the states which were: perfect , continuous, and simple. The time tenses were, present, future and past.

Complex sentences has an independent clause and dependent clause. The dependant clause has an aawwubiis.

First we planned what kind of complex sentences we should write.

Next we wrote our sentences and it is meant to have two subjects and two actions, and a complex sentence also has an aaawwubbis, and a conjunction.

Lastly we took photos of the complex sentences and described what the photo means.

I enjoyed doing this task because taking the photos and writing the complex sentences was kinda easy. I think I need to improve on thinking of more aaawwubbis and subjects. I did well on writing the complex sentences.