Matariki Star

L.I: To plan, design, and create a class star for Matariki that tells a story.

To start off my star I did some research about some Maori myth stories for my design. I first started off by planning my ideas on a paper to see how my designs would turn out and to see if I like how it’s laid out. My story is a mix of Maui and the sun and Rona and the moon, and my story goes that Maui thought that the moon was running by fast so he and his brothers decided to capture the moon and curse it out while using their strengths to pull down the moon at the same time. So instead of the sun moving along the sky I changed it into a moon so that my story could have 2 different meanings behind it. 

I really enjoyed designing this star because I learnt about some meanings behind patterns. 

One thought on “Matariki Star

  1. Kia Ora Lisea, I really love your Matariki Star its very creative, and very outstanding! I love how you discirbe your Star including story, and so impressive.
    When making your Star was it very hard to create?

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