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Colourblock Landscape

With this Summer Learning Journey Activity I have completed a task called Colourblock Landscape. I first started by looking at the examples and some pictures on google for ideas, and I came across a picture that was similar to my colourblock landscape art. But the only thing it didn’t have was a clift and a bridge. At first I was thinking of adding trees or an ocean but that was too detailed so I stuck with a clift, mountain, sunset, bridge, and some clouds. This was a very easy and simple design for me to do, as well as it keeping me motivated during the holidays. 

I really enjoyed this activity as art is one of my favourite subjects to learn. Although I found it hard to draw I kept encouraging myself to do it.

My Bug of the Year

For this Summer Learning Journey Activity I have completed a task called My Bug of the Year. I needed to create my own bug which took me some time to think of what kind of bug I would do. But I had two bugs in mind which were a grasshopper and a spider, So I decided to put them together as well as adding some colours which the bug changes too. For example: The bug is in the sun so it will turn into a dark colour, then it goes under a shade or at night time it turns light. As you can see from the picture I have added legs to make the bug jump and run. It also has a pointy tail where it stings people if they try to assault it. 


SLJ – Which one Doesn’t Belong

For the Summer Learning journey I completed an activity which was, Which one Doesn’t Belong. I needed to figure out which shapes didn’t belong in each slide and have a reason why. With this activity every answer is correct. Finally I created my own and created another version of which one doesn’t belong. If you would like to try out which one doesn’t belong, scroll to the last slide and you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

I found this activity hard as well as fun because I got to create my own as well as trying to figure out an answer for each shape on why they dont belong there. 



SLJ ComicQuest

For the first task of the Summer Learning Journey, we created a comic strip using our creativity, imaginenation, and the template and characters provided in this task. Me and my partner Mercy wanted to send a message to our audience which is to take care of our environment, we can do this by picking up rubbish and putting in the bin.

Our story is about a young girl wandering around the beach and she sees many things such as boys playing vollleyball, girls building sand castles and many more. As she was walking along the shore she hears people saying “free food”. Her curiousty got the better of her so she went towards the sound. She found that people were giving out free food to anyone which was a good deed, but there was a problem. The people hosting the free food event left a whole lot of rubbish which Mary picked up and made the beach beautiful and clean. 

We found this task interesting and fun because we used our creativity, imaginenation, and our ideas.


Superhero – Kick Start

Firstly I created a superhero of my own and her name was Meleseini which in english its Mary Jane. Meleseini is a Tongan girl who enjoys having the ability to control fire as well as using it against her enemies. People look at Meleseini thinking she’s an evil girl but in reality she loves to help people and teach them how to use their powers besides helping water (her enemies). 

The kick start activity was really fun because I liked how I got to make a character and explain what her backstory is and how she got her powers. I also enjoyed using the ai craiyon app which helps me find a picture of something I need. 

Summer learning Journey

This week my class and I have been doing a summer learning journey.

First I needed to pick an activity to do and I picked the one where you recreate the celebrity photos.  I picked the one with a yellow hat on your head

Then I needed to grab some yellow paper from the cabin and make it into a hat. Next I needed to ask someone for help to make the hat.

Lastly I needed to put it on my head and take a photo of the paper hat on my head.

I enjoyed this task because it was really fun doing a summer learning journey. I did well on making the paper hat. I need to improve on putting it on my head.

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