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Research about Scurvy

LI: To understand what a balanced diet looks like and why it is important for human health.

For our first Inquiry topic for Term 2 we did a study about what a scurvy is, how can people get affected, and what can we do to avoid it. We wrote did you know facts to help us be able to learn about scurvy such as, Did you know that scurvy could also cause a gum disease? Scurvy is caused by lack of Vitamin C for at least 3 months. I was mostly common for pirates

I found this activity interesting because I got to learn some facts and information about scurvy and what I can do to prevent it.



Moko Ika Hikuwaru

Moko Ika Hikuwaru is a taniwha that has 8 tails. We drew what we think it would look like without tracing or copying any other designs and we also used our own prior knowledge on what designs to draw for our taniwha. We made our taniwha have four flamming red eyes and a wrinkly body leading to his 8 tails.

I found this activity fun because I got to work one of the best aritst in class and used our imaginations to complete this task.

Kauri Dieback

LI: To gather statistics and protect the Kauri Tree from getting the Kauri Disease.

The following week after camp we did a research about the Kauri Dieback. Then we created a DLO about the Kauri Disease on how we can prevent it from destroying our nature. Though we can do things such as… to stop the disease from killing our tree. 

I found this activity interesting because I got to learn some facts I did not know about the Kauri Dieback and how it can kill Kauri trees.


LI: To remember and give information about Kokako Lodge

After camp, we created a brochure about information and highlights about our experiences at Kokako Lodge. We used our persuasive skills and gave reasons to why our audience would want to go. We used pictures to show what it is like at Kokako Lodge and what they have to offer.

I found this activity fun because me and my group got to make a DLO convinceing others to have a good experience at Kokako Lodge.

What is a River?

LI: To identify and describe the features of the Tamaki River

This week I have been learning about what rivers are, their unique attributes and how to label them. We then created a DLO about the Tamaki river and its history. Did you know only two people have swam the whole ississippi river? Using our knowledge that we acquired, we showcased the features of the Tamaki river using an aerial map. We then compared the Tamaki River with a prominent river in the world. Our group chose to look at Mississippi. Finally we made a comparison of the two rivers.

We found this activity intresting because we got to learn some new facts about the Tamaki River.

Treaty Of Waitangi

LI: To explore the world in 1840 and the art of Treaty.

This week we looked at  what the world was like in 1840. Did you know that the boys used the drains to do there business and the girls had their own toilets?

After this we identified some of the key people and their role in signing the Treaty of Waitangi. What I found interesting that boys needed to work and girls got to stay home and help their parents, and to help with the house work.

We then used information from both of these activities to help us read the painting of the day the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. We used our prior knowledge to infer what the artist Marcus King might have wanted us to think.




Pros and Cons Sea

This week I learnt what pros and cons were. Pros are advantage and cons are disadvantages.

First I needed to go on the class site to go on the pros and cons slide. Then I needed to add a picture of a ship and a jetski and attribute it. I also needed to write the pros and cons for it. If you had 2000 dollars and you needed to go on a gallery or a cruise ship which one would you prefer. I would prefer a cruise because it could be a 24 hour drive there and there are hotels and food where you can sleep and eat and do other things.

Next we needed to do the other on which ship. We also needed to use pros and cons. These are the things I wrote. Pro:Hotels & Food, Swimming pools, Lots of fun. For cons: Very very expensive, A lot of hours to get to the place. Cruise ships might be too tall to stay in because some people are scared of heights.

Lastly we needed to make a blog explaining what we did.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn what pros and cons are. I did well at aturbting the pictures. I need to improve on the pros and cons.


This week I did a skit with my group. 

First we got a paper and started reading the book so we could brainstorm what we’re gonna do for the skit and who’s gonna be who.

Next my group skit was about the kakangora. The kangaroo is about an island called Solomon and a tribe stealing the village’s nagil nuts for their queen to have breakfast. So they came up with a plan were one person hides under the ngail nuts until they can see the tribe. Then the king and one person hides behind the bush just in case the tribe is too strong.

Lastly we practised our skit so we don’t need to worry that much about any mistake.

I enjoyed this task because we might get to film our skit. I did well on writing the script for my group. I need to improve on thinking more about brainstorming with my group.


This week we filmed a presentation video about honey bees.

First we needed to write our script on a google doc. The first part that I needed to say was: what helps bees survive. One of the easiest ways to help bees stay alive is planting a garden full of flowers that bees love to eat from. One more easy way to help bees is to leave a bowl of water in your backyard that they can drink from. Flowers help bees survive because the pollen helps bees get honey from it.

Next we needed to practise words we couldn’t say right and words that we can’t pronounce.

Lastly we needed to record ourselves explaining what it means. It wasn’t really that scary recording because it was quite funny while recording it because we messed up a little bit but we tried one more time.

I enjoyed this task because learning about bees was fun. I did well on the designs. I need to improve on focusing on the writing before getting into the designs

The 4 c’s

This week we played a game and we tried to use the 4 c’s.

The four c’s of Leadership are co-operation, collaboration, communication, and confidence.

First we discussed which one of the green words that we wrote on our body outline were the 4 c’s.

Next we made a plan using the 4 c’s that will help us do good in the game.

Then we used the plan in the game to see how much it worked out .

Lastly we played the game using our strategy and it kinda worked.

We enjoyed this task because we all loved this game and want to play again.We need to improve on using the communication in games.

By Lisea, Sahil, Daeyna, Mayshar, Hudson