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Self Portrait

Our task was to create a drawing of ourselves. Our first task was to start by tracing over the easy details then the hard ones. For example, you can either start with the pupils of your eyes or your lips then you move onto the harder details. With my designs I found it slightly basic so I decided to custom my self portrait and add some details that would outshine my drawing more notably. 

I enjoyed this task because it teaches me what I’ve improved compared to my drawing from last year.


Collaborative Art

LI:  To use different types of warm and cool colours to recreate a world-known painting from Van Gogh.

This week’s art is about Van Gogh and his famous art piece “The Starry Night”. The Class was divided into 2 groups of 16 people, 1 of each group remade “The Starry Night” in warm colours and cool colours digitally. Each group divided 16 pieces of the Starry Night with each person in the group. Working as a collaborative team we gathered all or pieces to 1 DLO to finally reach our desired outcome.

I found this activity really fun because I liked collabrating and helping my group with there drawing, and Art is also one of my favorite subjects.

Whale Tail

This week I did an art design about whale tails.

First I needed to think of a design that reprosents about whales.

Next I thought of a design I wanted on my whale tail. The designs I picked out was a dragon, rubbish, and fires because i thought dose design wold look cool.

Then I needed to explain what my whale tale repesents. For example: The dragon on my whale tail repesent the taniwha the rubbish repsent the bad enviorment in the ocen and lastly the fire repsents blowing the rubish away from the ocen.

Lastly I picked a colour for the whale tail design. The colours I picked out was Black,  Blue. Black is the bad side of the ocean and blue is the good side of the ocen.

I enjoyed doing this task because art is my favrouite subject. I did well on doing drawing the flams on my whale tail because it kinda of looks like the flames on my netbook. I need to improve on practising drawing the dragon and shadding.

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