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Netball Skills

Today I revised Netball skills. The skills we revised were: Chest passing, and how to throw and catch the ball.

To throw the ball is that you need to put the ball near your chest and throw it forward. When you catch the ball you need to make a W. We did a triangle passing to catch and throw.

First before we played netball we did a relay race. A relay race is where  two teams, one team is in a circle throwing the ball while the other team is outside of the line. The team in the circle were passing the ball to see which team has the biggest number. After running around they switch with the other team.

Next we did a relay race but a different relay race. This relay race was called over and under.  To play over and under you need to get into two teams to make a long line. Then the person in the front of the line needs to pass the ball over their head. Then the person behind them needs to pass the ball under their legs. 

Then we played another relay race but this relay race did a left and right version. We basically needed two lines to pass the ball left and right then we needed to turn around to pass the ball to the next person. 

I enjoyed this task because I like Netball. I did well on passing the ball to people. I need to improve on spreading out more.


Today we played netball and dodgeball. Before we played, the netball coach taught us the rules on how to play netball which were No running with the ball, No bouncing the ball. Stay 1 miter away from the person that has the ball.

The skills we learned for netball were passing. For Example for passing you need people in a line or people to go in front of you to throw the ball to them. 

First coach spreated the girls and boys into 1 whole group and played netball. While we were playing netball there will be 2 people in the yellow circle to defend the ball from getting into the hoop and 2 people from the line needed to try and get the ball into the hoop by passing the ball.

Then we played a game where non bibs and bibs needed to grab the ball from the hula hoop and throw it to the people in your team to get it to the other hoop across. The non bibs lost to the netball game and the game where you get the ball to the other hula hoop. But they won the dodgeball game.

Lastly we went into the hall to play Jedi dodge. We needed to put the balls on the cones and when the coach plows the whistle that’s when we grab the balls and try to get the jedi out to get the whole team out. After we played, the coach said the non bibs won.

I enjoyed this activity because I like to play sports and netball is one of my favourite sports. I did well on defending the ball from trying to get in the hoop. I need to improve on blocking the Jedi less so I don’t get out.

Netball Diagram.jpg

Passing and Catching

Today we practised how to catch and pass.

Catch is where you make both of your hands into and W. 

Next for passing you will need to make a W with both of your hands so you could catch the ball easily.

First we got into 3 groups and one of us got a ball. After that person grabbed the ball we needed to practise throwing the ball to the two people from across us.

Then we played a game called octopus. Before we played Miss White picked 2 people to be the tagger. The taggers needed to say something like if you have long hair run and they have to try and tag the people running.

Lastly Miss White picked people to go into group one or group 2. After getting into 2 groups we needed to pick one person to be in the middle to pass the ball to the people in a circle and Miss White picked a number for us teams to do and for the first round my team won but the other rounds it was a tie between my team and the other team on the other half of the field. The point in the game was to not drop the ball as we had to start again. We had to be the first team to sit down.

I enjoyed practising how to catch and pass because it was really easy and simple. I did well on all of the games but not octopus because there was a line of people and I couldn’t get past them. I need to improve on thinking faster on octopus so that I could pass people and win the game.


T- Ball Skills

We have revised and learned some new skills. The skills are hitting, running, and throwing.

First we got warmed up by playing a game called noodle tag. Noodle tag is like hitting someone with a bat but with a noodle. When you get tagged you have to stand on one leg and hold your balance and count up to ten. If you lose your balance then you have to start from zero.

Next coach Cameron taught us how to ball and a good position to ball. First he told us to put the bat up to our belly button, and to keep our legs apart.

Lastly played t ball but we switched teams and played against those teams.

I enjoyed doing this task because hitting and running is my favourite part. I think I’m good at batting because I made the ball kinda far. I think I did well on running because it took some people to throw the ball to someone. I need to improve on fielding because I need to spread out more and try to catch the ball and throw it to someone close to one of the bases or tag them with the ball.


Today we Identify characteristics of a good team member.

First we discussed what characteristics are and some examples.

Next we drew a body and wrote good characteristics inside the body and bad characteristics outside the body of a good team member. 

Lastly we tried using all of our characteristics in a game of Moonball. For a team to be successful they need a good leader, people that can support the ones that are playing, and need to learn how to communicate.

We learned how to use good characteristics in Moonball.We need to improve how to communicate.We enjoyed playing moonball. By Sahil Daeyna Mayshar Kaysorn Lisea


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