Netball Skills

Today I revised Netball skills. The skills we revised were: Chest passing, and how to throw and catch the ball.

To throw the ball is that you need to put the ball near your chest and throw it forward. When you catch the ball you need to make a W. We did a triangle passing to catch and throw.

First before we played netball we did a relay race. A relay race is where  two teams, one team is in a circle throwing the ball while the other team is outside of the line. The team in the circle were passing the ball to see which team has the biggest number. After running around they switch with the other team.

Next we did a relay race but a different relay race. This relay race was called over and under.  To play over and under you need to get into two teams to make a long line. Then the person in the front of the line needs to pass the ball over their head. Then the person behind them needs to pass the ball under their legs. 

Then we played another relay race but this relay race did a left and right version. We basically needed two lines to pass the ball left and right then we needed to turn around to pass the ball to the next person. 

I enjoyed this task because I like Netball. I did well on passing the ball to people. I need to improve on spreading out more.

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