Year: 2022

Summer learning Journey

This week my class and I have been doing a summer learning journey.

First I needed to pick an activity to do and I picked the one where you recreate the celebrity photos.  I picked the one with a yellow hat on your head

Then I needed to grab some yellow paper from the cabin and make it into a hat. Next I needed to ask someone for help to make the hat.

Lastly I needed to put it on my head and take a photo of the paper hat on my head.

I enjoyed this task because it was really fun doing a summer learning journey. I did well on making the paper hat. I need to improve on putting it on my head.


This week I learnt new things about antarctica.

First I needed to search how siences survive in Antarctica because it’s very cold in antarctica. I found out that they need to survive by their stations and their bases in the antarctica. Antarctica also has things that survive them.

Then I need to search how long it takes for Antarctica to have sunlight. I found out that Antarctica has six months of sunlight and another six months of darkness. 

I enjoyed this task because I got to learn new things about antarctica. I did well on the information. I need to improve on finding more information.



This week I learnt what evaluation is and if stealing was ok.

First I needed to read four links that told me information about stealing. For example: A man was addicted to chocolate and he stole 2 chocolate boxes and went to jail for stealing food.

Next I needed to write all the information I found and make an argumentation board.

Lastly I made a copy of a google slide and it said yes or no for if stealing was ok. for mine was no because you can go to jail for what you steal. For example: A teen kid goes to a shop that has alcohol and gets taken to jail for 5 or 10 years and my answer for yes was it’s acceptable to take food from your family but not from strangers or from other people.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn if stealing was ok. I did well on finding the information. I need to improve on adding more information.

What’s The Time

This week my maths group and I learned about measuring time. I also learnt how to tell the clock.

First I needed to learn two different times which were digital time and analog time.  Digital and analog is a different type of time because the analog time is used in a real clock and the digital time is a time that shows on devices like an iPad or a phone.

Next we needed to do a random time to measure. For example: digital time is 2:12 but analog time would be 12 minutes to 2 hours. I also got to learn about the hands on the clock. For example: the long hand is longer than the minute hand. The long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand.

I enjoyed doing this task because I got to learn how to tell an analog time. I did well on guessing some of the digital times. I need to improve on guessing most of the analog times.


This week I summarised a book called hokey tokey.

First we needed to read the book on the slide with my group. 

Next we needed to summarise the book by finding 20 important words from the book and 6 most important words. Then you will need to make the sentence into a flow.

Lastly we needed to make 5 if you’re in group 4 and 5 you need to make 5 sentences into a flow.

I enjoyed this task because this book was fun to read. I need to improve on finding. I did well on writing it into a sentence flow.

Comment Thread

Today we were learning about commenting. Commenting is where you share your information with that person and tell them your thoughts and what you think about it.

First we needed to get 2 partners and pick 1 blog from your partner and 1 blog from your other partner.

Then we needed to pick which partner blog you wanna start with. But first you need to say a greeting to them. Then you need to write what you learnt about on your blog. Then make a connection with it.

After you finish commenting you need to add more information, questions, and something you think is positive.

I enjoyed learning how to comment. I need to improve on typing faster. I did well on commenting on the blogs.




Today we did athletics. Athletics is where you do sport activities like high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus.

First we needed to sit in lines where it said our year group. Then we needed to go to the place where we were going too start our first activity. Our first activity was high jump. High jump is where you need to jump over this pole and you will land onto a mattress. When I tried it the first time the pole hit me in the back.

Then we moved on to our next activity which was long jump. For long jump we need to run and jump past the yellow flag. When you jump make sure you stand still for about 2 seconds.  Then we moved onto our last 2 activities before we had lunch and got a break before we did sprinting. 

Lastly we did sprinting. For sprinting we needed to do the same thing we did in the morning which is sit in your year group. We got called by rows and if your row is too long then the teachers will make one half go. For the 1st round of sprinting I came 2d place and for the finale I came 4th place. For discus and shotput I came 2d.

I enjoyed this day because I love sports and today was about sports. I did well on the sprinting and shotput. I need to improve on jumping higher on the high jump.



This week we have been learning about Summarising. Summarising is changing the long sentence into a short sentence.

First we needed to go on the mat with our group and talk about summarising For Example: Miss K showed us the slide on the tv.

Next Miss K read us a book called Goldilocks and we needed to find 20 important words to put in the slide or the paper Miss K gave us. After finding 20 important words we needed to pick 6 most important words. Then we needed to think what the 6 most important words are and make it in to a sentences that flow.

Lastly we needed to make a google draw or slide and explain what summarising is.

I enjoyed this task very much because it is teaching me how to make a long sentence into a short sentence. I did well at decorating the slide. I need to improve on finding and writing the information before decorating the google slide.

Te Reo

This week for Te Reo Maori we learned left, right, up and down in maori. We explained where the shapes by saying it in Maori.

First Whara Odie challenged us by speaking Maori. She teaches us colours, and shapes in Maori.

Next we needed to do a task called kei hea which is were is it.

Lastly we went through the answers with Whaea Odie to see if we got in right.

I enjoyed doing this maori task because it was easy. I did well on the answers. I need to improve on speaking more Maori.

Rail Transportation

This week I learned about rail transportation.

First I needed to find 3 people to make a group of 4. The people in my group were Ane, Siniva, Jaylee, And Lisea. We needed to go to a table and wait for Miss White to give us a paper to write down what we think a stakeholder is. A stakeholder is when someone gets money for technology. Then we needed technology to get more money.

Next we needed to write on the piece of paper what we think and stakeholder is. Then we needed to turn the paper and write 10 facts about rail transportation.

Lastly we made a google slide or a google draw and put your facts in there.

I enjoyed this because I really enjoy learning about rails. I did well on the decorating. I need to improve on finding more information instead of decorating.