What’s The Time

This week my maths group and I learned about measuring time. I also learnt how to tell the clock.

First I needed to learn two different times which were digital time and analog time.  Digital and analog is a different type of time because the analog time is used in a real clock and the digital time is a time that shows on devices like an iPad or a phone.

Next we needed to do a random time to measure. For example: digital time is 2:12 but analog time would be 12 minutes to 2 hours. I also got to learn about the hands on the clock. For example: the long hand is longer than the minute hand. The long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand.

I enjoyed doing this task because I got to learn how to tell an analog time. I did well on guessing some of the digital times. I need to improve on guessing most of the analog times.

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