Today we did athletics. Athletics is where you do sport activities like high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus.

First we needed to sit in lines where it said our year group. Then we needed to go to the place where we were going too start our first activity. Our first activity was high jump. High jump is where you need to jump over this pole and you will land onto a mattress. When I tried it the first time the pole hit me in the back.

Then we moved on to our next activity which was long jump. For long jump we need to run and jump past the yellow flag. When you jump make sure you stand still for about 2 seconds.  Then we moved onto our last 2 activities before we had lunch and got a break before we did sprinting. 

Lastly we did sprinting. For sprinting we needed to do the same thing we did in the morning which is sit in your year group. We got called by rows and if your row is too long then the teachers will make one half go. For the 1st round of sprinting I came 2d place and for the finale I came 4th place. For discus and shotput I came 2d.

I enjoyed this day because I love sports and today was about sports. I did well on the sprinting and shotput. I need to improve on jumping higher on the high jump.


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