Passing and Catching

Today we practised how to catch and pass.

Catch is where you make both of your hands into and W. 

Next for passing you will need to make a W with both of your hands so you could catch the ball easily.

First we got into 3 groups and one of us got a ball. After that person grabbed the ball we needed to practise throwing the ball to the two people from across us.

Then we played a game called octopus. Before we played Miss White picked 2 people to be the tagger. The taggers needed to say something like if you have long hair run and they have to try and tag the people running.

Lastly Miss White picked people to go into group one or group 2. After getting into 2 groups we needed to pick one person to be in the middle to pass the ball to the people in a circle and Miss White picked a number for us teams to do and for the first round my team won but the other rounds it was a tie between my team and the other team on the other half of the field. The point in the game was to not drop the ball as we had to start again. We had to be the first team to sit down.

I enjoyed practising how to catch and pass because it was really easy and simple. I did well on all of the games but not octopus because there was a line of people and I couldn’t get past them. I need to improve on thinking faster on octopus so that I could pass people and win the game.


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