Ki O Rahi

This week we learned how to play Ki o Rahi.

First I watched a video about the legend of Ki o Rahi. Ki O Rahi is a game where people go into a war and whichever team wins they will have peace.

Next I learned what the names were for the areas on the field. 

Lastly we played a game where coach Chelsea says a name for the places on the field and if you go to the wrong spot then you need to do five star jumps. 

I enjoyed playing Ki o Rahi because Ki O Rahi is one of my favourite sports and I have played Ki O Rahi. I did well on running to the spot on the field where coach Chelsea told us which place to go to and we have to go to the right area before you need to do five jump stars . I need to improve on blocking the bin because people kept on hitting the bin which makes them win.

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