This week I learnt how to write an explanation. The structure of an explanation is TIES which is Title, introduction, explanation, and summary.

First I needed to choose a topic to explain what I’m writing about. I chose how flowers work with bees . I also needed to plan and research on how flowers work with bees.

Next I made my explanation and research about it: My explanation was: How flowers work with bees because bees need honey from the pollen which is the yellow circle in the middle of the flower. After the bees ate the pollen from the flowers they move on to the next flower and get more pollen from the flower.

Lastly I wrote a summary about how flowers work with bees. My summary was: If the bees stopped pollinating the flowers, then there would be no more flowers for bees to take honey from.

I really enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write an explanation and also picking a topic for my explanation. I did well on researching how flowers work with bees. I need to improve on planning because planning is a bit too hard.

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