Sequential Patterns

I learnt what a Sequential Pattern is. A Sequential Pattern is something that repeats again and again.

First we needed to learn what the differences are between Patterns and Sequential Patterns. Patterns is something that goes in order, And a Sequential Pattern is something that repeats over and over.

Next we needed to create sequential patterns by using google slide to make the sequential patterns. Then I needed to make a Shape Pattern,Colour Pattern,Object Pattern,Letter Pattern, and a Number Pattern. I needed to write down the questions which were: “What are the patterns?”, “What patterns come next?”, and “What shape comes third?”

Last, we needed to create the answer on the google slide to tell people the right answers.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun and easy to make. I did well on writing the answers so people knew the right answer for the quiz. I need to improve on getting it done before making it look good.

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