3 Dangerous Situations Online

There are a lot of different types of dangerous situations. Some of the situations were: Cyber bullying, Scams, and Posting private information.

Cyber Predators is where an adult pretends to be a child online to make you do inappropriate things. For example: Hi there. My name is John. How old are you? I’m 10 years old. Do you like Fortnite?. But don’t stay on too long or tell your parents or report it.

Scams are where people message you by trying to trick you to get money. For example: “I am a prince who has been exiled from his kingdom. I ask that you help me by donating just $100. I will pay you back when I can pay for my freedom and get back to my kingdom. If you get a message like that then report the message or block the scammer.

Posting private information is where someone asks you where you live, phone number, credit card number, stuff like that. For example: Hi my name is Jack from school. Would you like to come with me and the boys to the movies? Mum says she will pick you up. Just post your address here and we’ll pick you up. Get your mum or someone to contact that person’s mum because you neer know what will happen.

These are other dangerous situations around the world as well.

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