Month: June 2022

Whale Tail

This week I did an art design about whale tails.

First I needed to think of a design that reprosents about whales.

Next I thought of a design I wanted on my whale tail. The designs I picked out was a dragon, rubbish, and fires because i thought dose design wold look cool.

Then I needed to explain what my whale tale repesents. For example: The dragon on my whale tail repesent the taniwha the rubbish repsent the bad enviorment in the ocen and lastly the fire repsents blowing the rubish away from the ocen.

Lastly I picked a colour for the whale tail design. The colours I picked out was Black,  Blue. Black is the bad side of the ocean and blue is the good side of the ocen.

I enjoyed doing this task because art is my favrouite subject. I did well on doing drawing the flams on my whale tail because it kinda of looks like the flames on my netbook. I need to improve on practising drawing the dragon and shadding.

3 Dangerous Situations Online

There are a lot of different types of dangerous situations. Some of the situations were: Cyber bullying, Scams, and Posting private information.

Cyber Predators is where an adult pretends to be a child online to make you do inappropriate things. For example: Hi there. My name is John. How old are you? I’m 10 years old. Do you like Fortnite?. But don’t stay on too long or tell your parents or report it.

Scams are where people message you by trying to trick you to get money. For example: “I am a prince who has been exiled from his kingdom. I ask that you help me by donating just $100. I will pay you back when I can pay for my freedom and get back to my kingdom. If you get a message like that then report the message or block the scammer.

Posting private information is where someone asks you where you live, phone number, credit card number, stuff like that. For example: Hi my name is Jack from school. Would you like to come with me and the boys to the movies? Mum says she will pick you up. Just post your address here and we’ll pick you up. Get your mum or someone to contact that person’s mum because you neer know what will happen.

These are other dangerous situations around the world as well.

Sequential Patterns

I learnt what a Sequential Pattern is. A Sequential Pattern is something that repeats again and again.

First we needed to learn what the differences are between Patterns and Sequential Patterns. Patterns is something that goes in order, And a Sequential Pattern is something that repeats over and over.

Next we needed to create sequential patterns by using google slide to make the sequential patterns. Then I needed to make a Shape Pattern,Colour Pattern,Object Pattern,Letter Pattern, and a Number Pattern. I needed to write down the questions which were: “What are the patterns?”, “What patterns come next?”, and “What shape comes third?”

Last, we needed to create the answer on the google slide to tell people the right answers.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun and easy to make. I did well on writing the answers so people knew the right answer for the quiz. I need to improve on getting it done before making it look good.


This week I learnt how to write an explanation. The structure of an explanation is TIES which is Title, introduction, explanation, and summary.

First I needed to choose a topic to explain what I’m writing about. I chose how flowers work with bees . I also needed to plan and research on how flowers work with bees.

Next I made my explanation and research about it: My explanation was: How flowers work with bees because bees need honey from the pollen which is the yellow circle in the middle of the flower. After the bees ate the pollen from the flowers they move on to the next flower and get more pollen from the flower.

Lastly I wrote a summary about how flowers work with bees. My summary was: If the bees stopped pollinating the flowers, then there would be no more flowers for bees to take honey from.

I really enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write an explanation and also picking a topic for my explanation. I did well on researching how flowers work with bees. I need to improve on planning because planning is a bit too hard.

Passing and Catching

Today we practised how to catch and pass.

Catch is where you make both of your hands into and W. 

Next for passing you will need to make a W with both of your hands so you could catch the ball easily.

First we got into 3 groups and one of us got a ball. After that person grabbed the ball we needed to practise throwing the ball to the two people from across us.

Then we played a game called octopus. Before we played Miss White picked 2 people to be the tagger. The taggers needed to say something like if you have long hair run and they have to try and tag the people running.

Lastly Miss White picked people to go into group one or group 2. After getting into 2 groups we needed to pick one person to be in the middle to pass the ball to the people in a circle and Miss White picked a number for us teams to do and for the first round my team won but the other rounds it was a tie between my team and the other team on the other half of the field. The point in the game was to not drop the ball as we had to start again. We had to be the first team to sit down.

I enjoyed practising how to catch and pass because it was really easy and simple. I did well on all of the games but not octopus because there was a line of people and I couldn’t get past them. I need to improve on thinking faster on octopus so that I could pass people and win the game.