Month: March 2022

Compound sentence

This week I learnt how to write a compound sentence.

First we revised our states which were simple, continuous, and perfect. Then we revised our tenses which were present, past, and future.

Then I learnt what an compound sentences was. A compound sentences is an subject, verb, object, and a   fanboys. The fanboys are for, but,nor, yet, or, and, so. Compound sentence is two simple sentences.

Lastly I revised that continuous sentences needs an ing because you are doing it as an unstopping period. Next I had to write 6 compound sentence by using Continuous present, Continuous past, and Continuous future.

I enjoyed doing this task because I learnt that two simple sentences makes one compund sentence. I did well on the fanboys because fanboys is somthing simple that I can use. I need to improve on continuous past because continuous past is really hard to do.


Simple Sentences

This week I learned about simple sentences.

First I learned about the three states which were Continuous,Present,and Simple.

Next I learned what a simple sentence is and learning what and Subject, Verb, and Object is.

Then we used these words in our sentences. A subject is an actor, a verb is an action, and a Object is a receiver.

Lastly we wrote and simple sentences and wrote Simple future, Simple present, Simple Past.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I learned what a Simple sentence was. I need to improve on what a Simple past and Simple future is.



Place Valuve House

L.l Counting into groups of tens.

I learned about place value houses.

First we made a place value house on the white board.

Next we chose some numbers and made a number out of them.

Then we used the place value house to show the numbers from 1 to 30.

Last we used the popsicle stick to show the numbers from 1 to 30. I enjoyed doing place value because I learnt about combining numbers.

I need to improve on counting and combining numbers together.


Today we Identify characteristics of a good team member.

First we discussed what characteristics are and some examples.

Next we drew a body and wrote good characteristics inside the body and bad characteristics outside the body of a good team member. 

Lastly we tried using all of our characteristics in a game of Moonball. For a team to be successful they need a good leader, people that can support the ones that are playing, and need to learn how to communicate.

We learned how to use good characteristics in Moonball.We need to improve how to communicate.We enjoyed playing moonball. By Sahil Daeyna Mayshar Kaysorn Lisea