Pros and Cons Sea

This week I learnt what pros and cons were. Pros are advantage and cons are disadvantages.

First I needed to go on the class site to go on the pros and cons slide. Then I needed to add a picture of a ship and a jetski and attribute it. I also needed to write the pros and cons for it. If you had 2000 dollars and you needed to go on a gallery or a cruise ship which one would you prefer. I would prefer a cruise because it could be a 24 hour drive there and there are hotels and food where you can sleep and eat and do other things.

Next we needed to do the other on which ship. We also needed to use pros and cons. These are the things I wrote. Pro:Hotels & Food, Swimming pools, Lots of fun. For cons: Very very expensive, A lot of hours to get to the place. Cruise ships might be too tall to stay in because some people are scared of heights.

Lastly we needed to make a blog explaining what we did.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn what pros and cons are. I did well at aturbting the pictures. I need to improve on the pros and cons.

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