Day: November 11, 2022


This week we commented on other schools and other classes’ movies.

First we needed to comment on another school before commenting on our own schools.

Next we needed to comment on room 5 or room 7 movies after we commented on another school’s movie.

Lastly we needed to right a nice comment and what they need to improve on in their videos.

I enjoyed watching the movies because they were amazing. I did well on commenting. I need to improve on adding more information.



This week I learnt about length.

First I learnt what and how to length. Length is how long the object is. For Example: if I measured a chair and you wanted to measure the length you will have to measure the object with a ruler.

Next I needed the length of a chair,pencil,tray,white board, table, and a object.

I enjoyed this because I learnt about length. I did well on measuring the objects. I need to improve on writing it down.

Synthesising Template

This week me and my reading group practise synthesising templates. 

FIrst we needed to practise synthesising templates with Miss White. Miss White asked if we knew what synthesising is. Synthesising templates is to use an idea you know and use new information to create another idea.

Next we watched a video about 15 facts of hedgehogs and wrote them down for the information that we already knew. Then we used the new information from the video and the information we already knew together into a sentence.

Then we made a DLO about hedgehogs.

I really enjoyed this because we got to make a DLO explaining facts about hedgehogs. I did well on the information. I need to improve on finding more information.


Today me and group B learnt how to shotput. Shotput is an athletic sport.

First I learned how to throw a shotput the correct way. First I needed to stand sideways and look at the target with my non-dominant arm.

Next I learned how to grip the ball. I needed to grip the ball by using the three middle fingers and put the ball under your ear and your jaw.

Lastly, I learned how to throw the ball. To throw the ball I needed the three middle fingers to go forwards and twist my body to the target.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn how to shot put. I did well on throwing the ball. I need to improve on standing sideways.

Te Reo Maori

This week I learnt Te Reo Maori.

First me and my group sat on the mat and spoke Maori for 8 minutes straight. If you speak English you lose a point or a strike.

Next we needed to say new Maori words on a card. We had to tell the time, grandpa, grandma, mum, and dad names. But we said the time in Maori.

I enjoyed this because we got to learn some new Maori words. I did well at telling the time. I need to improve on saying the new words in Maori.


Pros and Cons Sea

This week I learnt what pros and cons were. Pros are advantage and cons are disadvantages.

First I needed to go on the class site to go on the pros and cons slide. Then I needed to add a picture of a ship and a jetski and attribute it. I also needed to write the pros and cons for it. If you had 2000 dollars and you needed to go on a gallery or a cruise ship which one would you prefer. I would prefer a cruise because it could be a 24 hour drive there and there are hotels and food where you can sleep and eat and do other things.

Next we needed to do the other on which ship. We also needed to use pros and cons. These are the things I wrote. Pro:Hotels & Food, Swimming pools, Lots of fun. For cons: Very very expensive, A lot of hours to get to the place. Cruise ships might be too tall to stay in because some people are scared of heights.

Lastly we needed to make a blog explaining what we did.

I enjoyed this because I got to learn what pros and cons are. I did well at aturbting the pictures. I need to improve on the pros and cons.


This week we have been learning about taking care of yourself and your netbook.

First we needed to talk about the school responsible and responsible use. Then we created a DLO explaining the responsibility. 

Next  we needed to talk about how to keep our netbook away from things like food and soda because soda can damage your netbook.  Make sure to always wash your hands before touching your netbook because if you don’t wash your hands after you eat the touch pad could get greasy and it might not be able to work.

Lastly we got into pairs and created a DLO as a pair to be faster to get done.

I enjoyed learning more about cybersmart because it explains what you need to do to take care of your netbook. I did well at putting the information in the DLO. I need to improve on focusing more before decorating the DLO.