Times Tables

This week practised our times tables by using a task called prototec.

First we did prototec and Mr Oglivie said the year 5’s needed to do the times table 6 work and the year 6’s get to do the 7 times table work then year 4’s have to do 5 work.

Then I needed to test myself on the timed worksheet. After I did a non-timed I needed to press the mark to see how many questions I got right and I got wrong. I got 13 for the sheet one and 9 on the timed one.

Lastly we needed to write ten answers that we got wrong in the back of our maths books. So in our extra time we can practise our prototec.

I enjoyed doing this task because it tells me how many questions I got wrong and got right so it tells me if I need to practise more of my times table. I think I did well on the sheet one because it seems easy but it gets harder and harder. I need to improve on thinking faster on timed because I need to answer the question fast in time because it goes to the next question after 3 or 2 seconds.

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