Basic Facts

We did a task called prototect.

First we went on to prototec and our teacher said that instead of year 4’s doing the 4 level they have to do the year 5 level  and year 5’s have to do the 6 level and the year 6’s have to do year 7 work.

Then we needed to do the timed basic facts and the non-timed basic facts to test me to see what answers were difficult for me and how many I got right and how many I got wrong.

Next  we wrote tem answer that we got wrong and wrote it in the back of the book so when we have extra time we can practise our time tables.

I enjoyed doing this task because it tells me if I need more practice at my times table. I did well on the sheet on because the sheet on is easy from the start then it gets to random stuff. I need to improve on getting my time tables right.

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