This week we filmed a presentation video about honey bees.

First we needed to write our script on a google doc. The first part that I needed to say was: what helps bees survive. One of the easiest ways to help bees stay alive is planting a garden full of flowers that bees love to eat from. One more easy way to help bees is to leave a bowl of water in your backyard that they can drink from. Flowers help bees survive because the pollen helps bees get honey from it.

Next we needed to practise words we couldn’t say right and words that we can’t pronounce.

Lastly we needed to record ourselves explaining what it means. It wasn’t really that scary recording because it was quite funny while recording it because we messed up a little bit but we tried one more time.

I enjoyed this task because learning about bees was fun. I did well on the designs. I need to improve on focusing on the writing before getting into the designs

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  1. The blog was very good and I am very proud of Lisea of the work and improvement she is making at school.

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