Day: May 12, 2023

Digital Escape Rooms

LI: To create a digital escape room that allows others to practise their knowledge  of prefixes and suffixes

This week I learnt how to create a digital escape room using Google forms. All my questions are on the affixes because writing the questions/answers and wrong answers really made me think how to think carefully about the questions. At the end I needed to crack the code to get into the game and to increase my knowledge of affixes.

I found this activity fun because I enjoyed playing the games and trying to crack the code.

Mrs Anderson has created a page on our site with all our escape rooms on it. Click on this link to crack our codes and increase your knowledge of affixes.

Key Competencies

LI: To create a comparison of the before and after experiences at camp.

Before camp, we wrote down what we would achieve at camp by using the acronym TRUMP. The meaning of Trump is thinking, relating to others, using language symbols and text, managing self, and participating and contributing. These 5 words help us to remember when to use them in every activity. When we came back from camp, we wrote down how we used the key competencies for our belongings and in the activities. 

I found this activity fun because I got create goals for myself and try to complete them at camp.

Research about Scurvy

LI: To understand what a balanced diet looks like and why it is important for human health.

For our first Inquiry topic for Term 2 we did a study about what a scurvy is, how can people get affected, and what can we do to avoid it. We wrote did you know facts to help us be able to learn about scurvy such as, Did you know that scurvy could also cause a gum disease? Scurvy is caused by lack of Vitamin C for at least 3 months. I was mostly common for pirates

I found this activity interesting because I got to learn some facts and information about scurvy and what I can do to prevent it.



Class Rules and Expectations Poster

LI: To follow the classroom rules and expectations (including wet day procedures)

This week we did a PB4L poster discussing about the Class Expectations and Rules and why they’re important to follow. This poster is also about respecting the teachers and pupils in the classroom. An example of this is like not talking while the teachers are talking so that you can learn what your doing next.

I found this activity fun because I got to learn about the expectation of class and learning with my group about the rules and expectations of what we should not do in class.