Today I learnt how to measure in perimetre.

First we needed to measure the object in metres. The length of the mat near the door was 1 metre and 46 centre. The width for the mat was 86 centimetres. Then we needed to add the numbers up. For an example: 1 metres + 1 metres = 2 metre, right which 46 centimetre +46 centimetre = 93 centimetres so 2 metre + 92 centimetre = 2.92 and 86 centimetres + 86 centimetres = 1.72 metres and 1.72 +2.92 = 4 metres and 64 centimetres. 

 Then we needed to learn what perimeter is. Perimeter is measuring the corner of the area and not the inside of the area. For example: my class mat near the door was measured in centimetres. Then we needed to measure our school field. The measurement for our school field is 201 metres right and our guess is 132m to 450 metres. 

I enjoyed this because I got to learn about perimeter. I did well on measuring because it was simple and easy. I need to improve on calculating it.

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